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Why Us? Whether you are looking to BUY or SELL a home, condo, lot or commercial property, in Baja California Sur our professional staff and teams of experts that can assist you!

Live the Dream!  Paradise awaits you.  

Ejido Solutions - Your Personal Real Estate Agents Offering land, homes, condos, commercial properties, farms/ranches and beachfront properties with expert assistance. Your Property Experts in Baja California Sur.  We are here for expert guidance and advice for all your Real Estate needs with decades of experience.  Your personal Real Estate Broker. 

Whether you are looking for the perfect retirement home, your getaway condo, residential land sales to build your dream home, a business opportunity, commercial buildings, a ranch or farm; we are here and are at your service!  We have the real estate listing for you!

Ejido Solutions has extensive experience in dealing not only with private property transactions but also with agrarian property and ejido matters, and is one of the few, if not the only, Mexican law firms licensed to practice agrarian law, that allows the firm to offer service to foreign clients in Mexico. 

At Ejido Solutions, we work every day to improve our service and products, with the most specialized personnel from Baja California Sur. If you are looking for the best service and quality in Real Estate Real Estate, do not hesitate to contact us.

We have extensive experience in dealing with Agrarian land matters. Any foreigner investing in Agrarian land, be it an ejido, an agrarian community or any other type of agrarian community, must understand that they are not dealing with private property but with agrarian property whose law and customs are very distinct.

Since the 1992 modifications to Mexico’s constitution, agrarian communities (including ejidos) can now elect to take their properties out of the agrarian community and convert them to private property. We have successfully assisted many ejidos with going through the regularization procedures.

We also have extensive experience in advising on ejido matters, coordinating ejido meetings, negotiations with ejidos, conversion of common use lands, negotiated with ejidos, litigating maters concerning ejido rights and in general dealing with ejidos and agrarian laws.


As a realtor in Baja California Sur we have made it our company's primary goal to serve the clients needs above all else and to operate in an ethical, professional and honest manner. By listening to our clients needs, transparency in our actions and education of our clients is foremost to a smooth and safe transaction with satisfied customers.


We strive to make a positive impact on our community while adding value for our investment partners. With deep roots in the community and our finger on the pulse of Baja California Sur, our team of real estate visionaries has a keen ability to see the big picture. This mindset allows us to strategically and methodically analyze each investment opportunity to deliver and exceed expectations for our tenants, investors and business partners.